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Capturing Present Moments: Nan Phelps Photography in Berkeley

December 9, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

This is the time of year we gather with family in a manner that doesn’t often happen in quite the same way the rest of the year. Many of us take advantage of this opportunity to document our growth and change as individuals and as kin by taking family photos. One great way to honor […]

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Mr. Mopps’ – Ye Olde Toy Shoppe in Berkeley

Posted by: Mary Corbin

Holiday times are in full swing in Berkeley and if you have kids, it’s an especially magical time. To get a taste of the fun inside a child’s world this time of year, enter Mr. Mopps‘ in North Berkeley. Located at 1405 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way (near Rose), the shop has been open since 1962, […]

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Farmcation – Farm to Table in Berkeley

November 22, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

We’re not just hungry in Berkeley, we seek to be informed all ways about our food. You care about where your food comes from because you live in Berkeley and have an educated awareness and sophistication about such things. Well, a new start-up in Berkeley called Farmcation makes that accessible and easy, and on the eve […]

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What’s Your Story:  Left Margin Lit Creates a Space for Writers in Berkeley

November 15, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

If you’ve always known you have a knack for storytelling, or you aspire to publish a novel, short story or book of poetry, North Berkeley recently became home to a new creative center for wordsmiths to sharpen their craft. Left Margin Lit recently moved into the space in North Berkeley at 1600 Shattuck Avenue (at Cedar), Suite 216-B, […]

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Classroom Matters in Berkeley

November 8, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

It’s that time of year again when the kids are fully in the thick of a new school year. Sometimes the stresses of performance can build up and a helping hand in getting the work done well is what every young scholar needs. Classroom Matters, an award winning tutoring school in Berkeley, offers a variety […]

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Visionaries: Eugene Tssui and The Fish House in Berkeley

November 1, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

Berkeley is known for being a bit quirky and off the mainstream grid. Visionaries walk among us, unbeknownst to most people, unless they stand out in a particularly extraordinary way. Case in point: Eugene Tssui, the architect of the so-called Fish House in West Berkeley. The house, also known as Ojo del Sol and  Tai Yang […]

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What’s Cookin’ in Berkeley – Classes and Schools for Aspiring Chefs

October 25, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

We pride ourselves here in Berkeley for being progressive about food: where it comes from and how it’s prepared. Organic, farm-to-table, vegan, raw, sustainable and local are just a few of the catch words you’re likely to hear bandied about. And with a wide variety of culinary artists and multi-cuisine options all over Berkeley, who needs […]

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Mayoral Race: Meet the Other Candidates

October 18, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

Election day is just around the corner and it’s not just about the future of our country and electing a new POTUS. Berkeley is on the verge of change once again with a slate of candidates for Mayor. If you haven’t already, check out my previous posts on two of  the front runners, Ben Gould […]

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Sticky Art Lab – Where Recycling becomes Art in Berkeley

October 11, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

Want to turn your excess scrap into something creative and fun? Well, The Sticky Art Lab in West Berkeley is your kind of place. Located at 1682 University Avenue near McGee in a stand alone, burnt orange-red building, the Lab welcomes kids, adults and families into its space for creative re-use arts and crafts projects. With family play […]

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A Hike in Redwood Regional Park

October 4, 2016 Posted by: Mary Corbin

Autumn in Berkeley is usually one of our warmest and sunniest times of year and getting out to nature is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Tilden Park is one of our favorite respites from the urban sprawl but venture a bit longer along the hill roads to experience the unexpected grandeur of Redwood Regional Park […]

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