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April 25, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

If you have little ones with curious minds or you are seeking some new knowledge about our great nature areas in Berkeley, look no further than the Little Farm and Environmental Education Center of Berkeley’s Tilden Regional Park Nature Area. Easily accessible by AC transit bus #67, you can also drive up the hill where the corners of […]

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April 18, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

Ever wonder what’s happening on that great campus at the hub of our city? Well, more than you can imagine. Beyond the typical college courses that are universal to most campuses, UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering is astir in globally relevant endeavors. In a 4-unit course called “Challenge Lab”, for example, students attend four hours a […]

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April 11, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

What to do in the midst of upheaval, uncertainty and change? Well, within the Berkeley and greater Bay Area community, people have taken to the streets, forged new coalitions and sought out like-minded support groups. Local teacher and writer Melanie Salvatore-August offers us yet another outlet to grapple with an uncertain future and find our way […]

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April 4, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

Looking for an unusual place for entertainment that you haven’t been to yet? Welcome to The Monkey House, Berkeley’s somewhat underground, off-your-radar nightclub. Located on University Avenue – that’s all they’re gonna tell ya as it is part of a private residence – keeps it real and exclusive for in-the-know and serious art loving patrons. The website describes […]

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March 28, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

A wave of change has just occurred in North Berkeley that surprises us, has some of us scratching our heads while others may be delighted. Safeway recently bought out the family-owned Andronico’s Markets on Solano Avenue and Shattuck at Cedar, re-branding them as Safeway Community Markets. In the Gourmet Ghetto, the locale and birthplace of the […]

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A Taste of Korea: The Berkeley Social Club

March 21, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

The Berkeley Social Club has opened on University Avenue in the space formerly occupied by Meridian. Located at 2050 University Avenue (between Milvia and Shattuck), the BSC is just one of the latest additions to the ever evolving downtown dining scene. If you’re a carnivore who likes Asian cuisine or hanging out with a variety of options, […]

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Entrepreneur Labs Percolate in Berkeley and Oakland

March 14, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

In Berkeley and Oakland, ideas are percolating for all manner of new innovations. Behind closed doors, entrepreneurs from around the world are having a meeting of the minds, a collaboration of hands-on production and a whirlwind of think-tank/laboratory explorations. Here are a few places in Berkeley and Oakland residing on the creative leading edge of […]

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A Fresh Start in Berkeley: An Interview with Dr. Scott Blossom

February 28, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

At the beginning of every new year or change of season, we often contemplate cleaning out, refreshing our habits and renewing our personal goals. At such times, Berkeley offers a gamut of services and practitioners to help us on this path. One such resource is the combined talents and expertise of Dr. Scott Blossom and his […]

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Harvest & Mill Grows Organic Clothing and Social Change in Berkeley

February 21, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

In my stroll to the weekly Farmer’s Market in Berkeley, I smile that I live in a town that embraces the mantra of local, sustainable and organic with regard to food practices. Now, a local company encourages us to take that ethos to another important industry that impacts our lives daily. Harvest & Mill, a […]

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A Passion for Portraits: Jennifer Graham Photography

February 14, 2017 Posted by: Mary Corbin

Within the city limits of Berkeley and Oakland, the arts and entrepreneurial spirit abounds. In many cases, we are lucky to have them intersect and reverberate. A shining example is the passion and wonder in the work of Jennifer Graham Photography. Building her business over 20 years in photography, Jennifer has discovered that creating business portraits is truly where […]

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