Upscale Your Workout at the New Equinox Club in Berkeley

With wet, winter days in the rear view mirror and New Year’s resolutions all but forgotten, we might need some new inspiration to stay on track with spring time fitness regimens. Warm weather has us in outdoor action mode, sure, but you might still need that solid weekday workout experience to complement those weekend warrior adventures. In Berkeley, a new fitness club is shaping up for anyone seeking a high-end and generous indoor experience. In operation since 1991 with 84 upscale, full-service clubs around the country, London and Toronto, Equinox Club brands itself as “the thought leader and expert in high performance living”.

While currently operating several successful Bay Area clubs in San Francisco, San Mateo and Palo Alto, Equinox hopes to expand throughout the East Bay, starting with Berkeley. Assistant Marketing Manager for the region, Christina Early, says that bringing Equinox to Berkeley was inspired by the vibrant student population, the progressive ambience and the overall dedication to health and fitness of Berkeley’s physically active community.

With a recent grand opening on April 6, the dual-floor club at 2600 Shattuck Avenue (between Parker and Carleton), promises offerings that include group classes in cardio and strength training, dedicated spaces for Yoga, Pilates and Cycling, personal training, a 2-room Spa with steam room, apparel shop and a juice bar/lounge. And Equinox invites your children 3 months and older to engage in inspired play in the supervised “Kids Club” while you work out. The facility also includes a convenient parking area for members. Get ready to set the bar high as Equinox Club offers its Signature Series of classes for a serious work out, detailed here from their website:

The Cut: A cardio-forward boxing workout with no bags, no wraps and no ring. It’s just you, light hand weights and your own killer instinct, set to an explosive playlist that powers you through five rhythmic, relentless rounds. This one-of-a-kind class will train you to move, look and feel like a champion.

Best Butt Ever: Best Butt Ever is strategically engineered to lift and shape your hottest asset. Fire up your glutes, build strength and definition, and get powerful. Waist-whittling exercises are also integrated to further accentuate your new rearview.

Best Abs Ever: Chisel your core and ignite your metabolism with a challenging, 30-minute six-pack of exercises that builds abdominal muscles and enhances total-body performance.

Pure Strength: Iron is tough. You are tougher. Build strength, not bulk in a 45-minute team training that brings more weight into our fitness studio than ever before. Unleash greater power in an innovative circuit that alternates weight lifting with body resistance, mixing moves like pull-ups, planks, deadlifts and arm presses to keep you constantly challenged. Your squad drives you onward. Your coach tests your technique. Walk in fierce and walk out fearless.

Precision Running: Our newest class leads you through efficient, precisely designed intervals on the treadmill to hit every muscle in your body for the ultimate burn. You’ll increase your power and speed, and forever improve your run. Created by David Siik for Equinox. Make sure to bring your own headphones.

In addition to the workout options, the interior space for all clubs is design-forward and visually stimulating as a reflection of the sophisticated, high quality lifestyle experience that Equinox Club presents. When I asked Christina to name three words that define the Equinox Club, she told me “elevated, masterful and innovative”.  Amenities include perfected WiFi, locker rooms with products from Kiehl’s, state-of-the-art lighting, flooring, sound systems and other interior detailing to maximize the experience. The tag line reveals a philosophy, “It’s not fitness, it’s life.”

A variety of Equinox Club membership options will be on tap including single club, regional access and more. For more information, visit the Membership Office at 2598 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, 94704 or call them at 510-982-5076.




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Mary Corbin

Mary Corbin

Mary Corbin is a writer and artist who has lived in Berkeley for 32 years. She is always amazed with finding something new around the next corner while out on a walk, biking in the hills, or chatting with locals about food or fun events around town. Visit her cycling blog at and drop her a line. And view her work as an artist at
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